How do I return a book for a refund?

If you have questions about textbook returns, please contact us directly.  We are available on campus from 9:00am to 4:00pm, Monday to Friday.  250-391-2600 ext.4263 or Toll Free 1-866-379-0873.

We accept returns on textbooks and materials within seven days of the start date of the course as listed on your notice, accompanied by a sales receipt and in resalable condition.  Shrink-wrapped materials, or books including access codes or additional content cannot be returned if the packaging has been opened or the access code has been redeemed.

How soon will I get access if I purchase digital/electronic materials?

Immediately after completeing your purchase of digital materials online, an email with further instructions will be sent to the email address you used to set up your account with the RRU Bookstore.  Once you have followed those steps, you will have access to your eBook.  You may be required to set up an account with publishers like Wiley or TopHat.  You should use the same email address you used to purchase the access code unless you have an existing account.  When setting up your BibliU account remember to choose "CEI Campus eBookstore" instead of Royal Roads as your institution.

Access codes are non-returnable.  Click "Redeem Access Code" above on our site to start the process.

How do I access my eBooks?

Please read the email you received after redeeming your code.  For most, but not all ebooks, the instructions are as follows.

  1. Visit the following link: My EBooks (
  2. Log in with the same email you used to redeem or purchase and then click “My Ebooks” on the left side of the page.
  3. The ebook reader – Bibli-U – will open in another window. (Be sure your device and browser settings permit this).
  4. When the Bibli-U page is open, choose “CEI Campus eBookstore” from the dropdown menu (do not try to find your university or log in using your email address).
  5. You will then be taken to another sign in page. Please sign in using the email address and password you used to create your CEI account.
  6. Enjoy accessing your book through Bibli-U in the browser. If it is not there yet, please try again in a short while.
  7. For direct access log in to your CEI/Bibli-U account here.

Where can I get support regarding issues with my eBook or digital resource?

Please contact Royal Roads Bookstore staff at for assistance with these issues:

  1.  Reissue product instructions for my eBook
  2. Activating an un-activated redemption code
  3. Refunds (if you have not activated your redemption code)
  • Refunds are typically not possible once you have activated your code.  If you believe you have extenuating circumstances that might qualify you for an exception, pleace contact us and we can reach out to the publisher on your behalf to see if a refund is possible.

Contact the publisher of the eBook or digital resource for help with these technical issues:

  1. Broken codes/codes that don't work
  2. Difficulty redeeming the publisher code
  3. Technical issues with use of the product (difficulty reading eBook, etc.)

You can contact the publisher directly using the link provided on the bottom of the product instructions sent to you when you purchased your eBook.  If you need that email reissued, contact the RRU Bookstore.

Please feel free to reach out the the RRU Bookstore if you are struggling with any of these issues and we will do our best to assist.

Is the eBook version of the text the same as the print version?

In most cases, yes.  If the edition is the same, it is ok to purchase either an eBook or a physical copy of the book.  You can use the ISBN we provided on the textbook notice to search for alternate versions.  EBooks that come with modules such as WileyPlus, CoachMe, or McGraw Connect may require online access to complete the course.  If you have any questions about which version of the text to use, please reach out to your instructor.

Do I need to have the same edition as specified on the textbook list?

It depends.  Some textbooks vary a great deal between editions and others are almost identical.  You will need to contact your instructor or program office to determine if an alternate edition is suitable.

What is an ISBN?

Every published book is given both a 10 digit and a 13 digit ISBN which are unique to that exact version of the text.  The ISBN can be found on the back cover or inside on the page containing copyright information.  For books that come shrink-wrapped with additional content, the ISBN on the shrink-wrap will be different from the ISBN on the textbook.

Why can't I find my course listed on the site?

The online store is not a comprehensive list of all RRU courses.  Courses will appear as the approved textbook notice is released to students which go out approximately one month before the course begins.  If your course is not listed, it could mean that there are no textbooks required or the materials are not available through our store.  If you are looking for texts and can't find your course listed, you can search by title, author, or ISBN in the quick search field or you can contact the bookstore office for assistance.

When can I expect my order?

We ship the same business day as receiving a completed order.  If we are missing information, we may need to follow up with you directly which could cause delays.  Please see Canada Post's delivery standards for your expected delivery time.  You can determine Canada Post's standard delivery times between you and campus.  Our postal code is V9B 5Y2.

You will receive access for digital materials. eBooks, and access codes right away.  An email with an access code should arrive as soon as you have completed your order.  Make sure to check your junk folder if you have not received the email.  You can redeem that code on our site here  An email will follow with further instructions.

What do you charge for shipping?

Please note that these delivery estimates provided by Canada Post and are not guaranteed.  You can find more details on the Canada Post website. 

Shipping Options  (prices per order, not per book)

BC Expedited 3 Business Days $8.00 + GST
BC Xpress 2 Business Days  $10.00 + GST
BC Priority  Next Business Day  $12.00 + GST
Canada Expedited  8 Business Days  $15.00 + Tax*
Canada Xpress  5 Business Days  $19.00 + Tax*
Canada Priority  2 Business Days  $38.00 + Tax*
US and International Orders
(Xpress Post USA, International
Xpress Post or Courier)
 Quote Provided  Quote Provided








*AB/SK/MB/QC/YT/NT/NU +5%GST    ON/NB/NL/PEI +13%HST    NS+ 15%HST   on shipping

Do you ship internationally?

Absolutely!  Unfortunately, this website cannot generate international shipping quotes.  If you'd like to have your books shipped outside of Canada, please email us with your address, a contact phone number, and a list of the books you need.  We will provide a shipping quote for you.  At that point, we will need to confirm credit card details.  If you can't call us on our toll free number during business hours, let us know and we can make alternate arrangements.

How do I track my package?

The Bookstore will email you a tracking number.  Orders shipped via Canada Post can be tracked on their website.  If you have any questions about your tracking information, please contact us at 250-391-2600 ext 4263, or Toll Free 1-866-379-0873.

Are shipping charges per book?

Shipping charges are per order.  It is the same price to have one or several books shipped, as long as they are in the same package.

What tax is applied to my order?

No PST is charged for orders of textbooks, only 5% GST is applied.  There is no tax applied to eBooks.  The tax for shipping varries by province, as shown here:  BC/AB/SK/MB/QC/YT/NT/NU = 5% GST    ON = 13% HST    NS/NB/NL/PEI = 15% HST

Can you put my order on hold for pick up?

Yes, you can place an order on hold for pick up.  The site offers a pick up option instead of shipping.  You can also email us at to make arrangements.

Can I have my order shipped in the same package as another student?

We can combine orders to save on shipping, but please email us at to arrange that.

Can I have someone else pick up my order?

Yes, someone else can pick up your order.  We ask that you just please let us know ahead of time.

Why was my credit card declined on the site?

If your card was declined, check that the bill to address you entered on the site is the address that your credit card company has on file.  If not, the card will be declined.  You can have your books shipped to any Canadian address which you can list separately from the bill to address.

Do you buy back textbooks?

The RRU Bookstore does not offer a buyback program, but you can use an online text buyback service.

Do you sell used textbooks?

Due to space limitations, we only carry new copies of required texts for current courses.  If you wish to purchase used textbooks you can search online using the ISBN provided on your notice to ensure you are getting the correct edition.

Do you provide duplicate receipts?

The receipt you receive at the time of purchase is our only copy.  If your books were shipped to you, the receipt should be either taped to the front of your shrink-wrapped text, or tucked inside one of the covers.

How can I contact you about my online order?

Please email with questions about your order.  For directions on how to track your shipment, please see How do I track my parcel?.