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BESC201 & IHMN223 18-Sep-17
BUSA208 18-Sep-17
BUSA215 18-Sep-17
BUSA506 16-Oct-17
BUSA508 21-Aug-17
BUSA523 & 531 28-Aug-17

CAMN502 21-Aug-17
CAMN601 11-Sep-17
CAMN602 11-Sep-17
CHMN635/675 10-Oct-17
CMDV550 7-Aug-17
COMM211 18-Sep-17
COMM300/310/320/325 25-Sep-17
COMM350/445/460 25-Sep-17
COMM435 10-Jul-17
COMM445 OL 10-Jul-17
COMM450 18-Sep-17
Community Vitality
Continuing Studies

DEMN502 21-Aug-17

EDLM530 11-Sep-17
EDLM570 31-Jul-17
EDLM580 16-Oct-17
EECO503 10-Jul-17
EECO508 28-Aug-17
EECO509 10-Jul-17
EECO685 24-Jul-17
ENMN300 & 324 OL 28-Aug-17
ENMN300 OC 25-Sep-17
ENMN324 OC 23-Oct-17
ENMN327 OC 23-Oct-17
ENMN328 & 330 OL 11-Sep-17
ENMN329 OC 23-Oct-17
ENMN332 25-Sep-17
ENMN398 & 427 OL 24-Jul-17
ENMN426 11-Sep-17
ENMN426/428 OL 3 & 16-Oct-17
ENMN430 & 431 OL 2-Oct-17
ENMN431 11-Sep-17
ENMN498 OL 17-Jul-17
ENSC300 18-Sep-17
ENSC304 2-Oct-17
ENSC323 2-Oct-17
ENSC423 8-Aug-17
ENVP323 18-Sep-17
ENVP429 18-Sep-17
ENVP500 18-Sep-17
ENVR506 & 530 4-Sep-17
ENVR626 & 661 4-Sep-17
ENVR655 & 662 4-Sep-17
EXCH500 18-Sep-17
EXCH508 2-Oct-17
EXCH509 21-Aug-27
EXCH509 8-Jan-18
EXMN655 21-Aug-17
EXMN658 21-Aug-17
EXMN661 & 668 21-Aug-17
EXMN662 21-Aug-17
EXMN675 21-Aug-17

GBLD510 10-Jul-17
GBLD511 14-Aug-17
GBLD520 2-Oct-17
GBLD521 10-Jul-17
General Sales

HEAL550 5-Sep-17
HSPB500 21-Aug-17
HSPB525 11-Sep-17
HUMS630 11-Sep-17
HUMS691 10-Jul-17

IHMN305 5-Sep-17
IHMN310 18-Sep-17
IHMN315 11-Sep-17
IHMN360 18-Sep-17
IHMN413 11-Sep-17
IHMN420 18-Sep-17
IHMN490A 18-Sep-17
IHMN650 18-Sep-17
IICS515 & 565 11-Sep-17
IICS641 2-Oct-17
IICS672 5-Sep-17

JUST300 & 301 28-Aug-17
JUST300/301/304 5-Sep-17
JUST304 16-Oct-17
JUST400 31-Jul-17
JUST402 5-Sep-17
JUST403 16-Oct-17

LEAD516 25-Sep-17
LEAD516 31-Jul-17
LEAD526/527/528 18-Sep-17
LEAD618 3-Jul-17
LEAD626 & 627 2-Oct-17

MGMT542 18-Sep-17
MGMT542/561 Sep 11 & Oct 2-17
MGMT561 16-Oct-17
MGMT565 & 568 21-Aug-17
MGMT567 & 569 5-Sep-17

ORGD610 5-Sep-17
ORGD610/625/640 5-Sep/Oct 10/Jan 2-17

PCOM510/550/620 25-Sep-17
PCOM530 31-Jul-17
PCOM540 10-Oct-17
PCOM630 31-Jul-17
PCOM632 10-Oct-17
PCOM635 10-Oct-17
PJMN500/501/502 18-Sep-17

RRU Proud Shirts
RRU Publications

SOSC710 10-Jul-17
SOSC730 & 740 17-Jul-17
STNL300 4-Sep-17
STNL301A 4-Sep-17
STNL301B 4-Sep-17
STNL331 25-Sep-17
STNL411 11-Sep-17
STNL412 11-Sep-17
STNL422 25-Sep-17

VBLD510/512/514 2-Oct-17

WINV560 16-Oct-17
WINV685 8-Jan-18
WINV690 26-Mar-18

Please do not rely on the website for a complete listing of your course texts. Refer to the Bookstore Textbook and Materials List you received by email.

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